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Blake P. King Believes Strongly in Sales and Service

November 22, 2018
Blake King Atlanta

As the channel marketing manager for Transnexus, Blake King of Atlanta tries to contribute to the community in every way he can. For instance, Blake King gives his full support to numerous charities in Atlanta, throughout Georgia and nationally. Among his favorite charitable organizations to help include the Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity, the Friends of English Avenue and Buckhead Church.

Most of Blake P. King‘s approach to sales and marketing is based on a personal philosophy and belief that a client or customer has to see the value of the product or service to their own life and that of their family, regardless of the product or service in question. His personal belief system includes his is absolute certainty that the importance of giving back to the community is at or near the top of any human’s priorities. He feels there is a lot to be grateful for, and that the Atlanta community has provided him with so much, which is why he feels an obligation to do more than sell people things, even though that is is primary job. He likes to give credit to the grace of God, but he also credits the kindness shown him by many people for everything he has.