Blake P. King Believes Strongly in Sales and Service

November 22, 2018
Blake King Atlanta

As the channel marketing manager for Transnexus, Blake King of Atlanta tries to contribute to the community in every way he can. For instance, Blake King gives his full support to numerous charities in Atlanta, throughout Georgia and nationally. Among his favorite charitable organizations to help include the Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity, the Friends of English Avenue and Buckhead Church.

Most of Blake P. King‘s approach to sales and marketing is based on a personal philosophy and belief that a client or customer has to see the value of the product or service to their own life and that of their family, regardless of the product or service in question. His personal belief system includes his is absolute certainty that the importance of giving back to the community is at or near the top of any human’s priorities. He feels there is a lot to be grateful for, and that the Atlanta community has provided him with so much, which is why he feels an obligation to do more than sell people things, even though that is is primary job. He likes to give credit to the grace of God, but he also credits the kindness shown him by many people for everything he has.

Blake P. King is Highly Regarded for His Marketing Talent

August 24, 2018
Blake P. King’s career as a marketing specialist in Atlanta, seems to have started in 2009, when he graduated from the University of Georgia. At the time, the economy was way down and the job market was scraping the bottom, as it were. Needless to say, his job search was long and arduous, but he finally found his place in the financial services industry, assisting good people with reducing their level of debt. It seemed perfect for him at the time, assisting people with reducing their monthly payments snd making their debt seem less onerous. It seemed to be the perfect profession, given that the country was suffering through the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Blake P. King

Through that position, Blake P. King learned a lot about both the business and himself. He realized he had a very strong aptitude for lowering debt payments. In many cases, he was able to reduce their interest rates, so they could get out of debt more quickly than otherwise, even as they discovered they had more money to spend on things they wanted, or those things they felt brought value to their lives.

One reason he has been so successful is because his career is based on Blake PO. King’s personal belief system, which emphasizes the importance of giving back to his community. He understands that the community in and around Atlanta has provided him with a lot. Blake P. King credits the grace of God and the kindness shown by others for everything he has, so he supports charities in the Atlanta community and nationally, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity, the Friends of English Avenue and Buckhead Church.

The Marketing Prowess of Blake P. King

May 16, 2018
The career of Atlanta marketing specialist Blake P. King began in earnest in 2009, following his graduation from the University of Georgia, which occurred at a time when the job market was at its most difficult, following the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. There was a long job search, but he eventually found an opportunity in the financial services industry. That is where his passion for helping people really showed for the first time. His first job involved helping those in debt reduce their payments in a way that helped them reduce their monthly budget.

Blake P. King

Blake P. King really enjoyed doing that work and he discovered himself to be quite capable of helping clients lowering their monthly debt payments and also lowering their interest rates, which helped them get out of debt more quickly. Best of all, they discovered this ability even as they found more money to spend on things they wanted, or things they felt brought value to their lives.

One reason Blake King has been successful in the financial services industry and in the marketing industry is because he possesses a natural ability to articulate his ideas in ways that makes sense, which brings them the best value. Most of what he does is sales and marketing is based on his personal philosophy that, if you what you are selling has value to the person to whom you’re selling it, it almost doesn’t matter what the product is. The customer or client simply has to believe they need the product. Blake truly believes that such a thing cannot be taught in a sales school or a seminar; it’s only learned through experience and practice.